Maine National Barrel Horse Association

Candy Barton - Maine State NBHA Director


Please forward any questions or suggestions to the NBHA State Director, Candy Barton I can always be reached cell# 603-455-9384 call/text or home: 207-625-4333

Wow, I never really thought I would be back in this position, but I am glad that I am. A lot has changed in my life in the two years since. I got married and we purchased a new place that used to be a camp ground back in the 70s-80s. We have been busy building a new arena and rebuilding the old barn and hope that someday to have everyone out for a fun day with the horses and then we can cool down later in pool and I mean it is a big a_ _ pool. We eventually want to open the camp ground part back up for the equine people because we have a lot of old discontinued town dirt roads all around us to ride on. Anyways..enough of that.

I want to make sure everyone has my current information and please know that you can call, email or text me anytime. I don't care what you want to talk about or if you want to vent or have an idea that you want to see change or to improve on something. Call me that is why I am here.

I have talked with both Christina and Tasha already and once I have appointed a new Director for district 1 then 4 of us will meet and make sure everything is moving forward for state as a whole in a positive way. I haven't decided yet if we should meet as a whole to discuss any concerns that are out there or not. If you do have any concerns or you feel that we should regardless then please reach out to either your director or me with them. But if we end up meeting I want to make sure that I have the 01 director in place before we do.

Candy Barton

494 Colcord Pond Road

Porter, Maine 04068

Letter From Tom Harvey - NBHA Regional Director

From: Tom Harvey

NBHA Colonial Reg. Director

Date: February 15 2017

To: Maine NBHA Members,

This is to inform everyone that I have appointed Candy Bishop as the new State Director effective immediately. We had four great candidates apply and I feel with Candy?s experience she would be the best one for the job. I ask you all to support her so we can finally get Maine heading in the right direction.

The other issue that all members should adhere by is the chain of command, as a member your first point of contact would be your District Director, than your State Director and last would be me your Regional Director. When we start going over peoples head we only create problems within the organization. If a call comes to me I will contact the State Director to see if she/he has been contacted and go from there. If someone calls the NBHA office they will forward the info to me. The point is let?s all work together to improve the sport of barrel racing and enjoy ourselves.

Good Luck in 2017

Tom Harvey